Data Wall
Network effective power
Current price
Mining daily output
T+1 AM
Output distribution time
Mining with deeply optimized package speed
Highly block cracking rate
Highly packaging speed
No initial pledge gas fee
78 days of the packaging period
Hardwares’price increasing,not ours
Malicious deduction The actual output does not match, the mine pool sells at a low price, but in fact it quietly deducts the amount to get the customer’s profit. Dirty and messy environment of the base The amateur mining pool is lack of investment;the environment of the computer room is like a garbage collection bin, and the hardware security is not guaranteed. Do you still dare to buy it yet?
Fake Mining Machine You took a fancy to the yield but ended up losing your money. The mining machine turns out to be a brick machine, which is no different from running away. Unsteady Policy Not in line with the local policy then be refunded and driven away, resulting in a huge loss of investment.
Five-star data computer room, settled in Chuanyang data Industry Park. The policy is stable, and the park is classified as the government cloud computing industry. The mining algorithm developed by the master achieves the world’s leading mining pool technology.
Special project filestar for professional investors
180%-1000% of expected rate of return
View earnings at any time
Real-time income withdrawal
Start mining is to get income